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About Our Paver Repair Service

Sublime Pavers is a top-rated professional hardscaping and Paver Repair Company located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. We are South Florida’s favorite Paver Repair company with a proven track record of over 300+ successful repairs finished. 

Top Rated Customer Service

Our dedication to unparalleled customer service coupled with unmatched reputation in Fort Lauderdale provides our customers with the best Paver Repair experience they can find. 

In simple terms, we put the client first, and prioritize customer communication. We always aim to finish our projects on a timely manner.

Full Service Paver Repairs

We offer paving repairs on all types of pavers, including Travertine pavers, brick pavers, stone pavers, concrete repair, walkway repairs, and so much more.

We take pride in offering a start to finish paver repair service, where customers do not need to hire multiple people to finish one project!

types of Paver Repairs WE OFFER

Sinking Paver Repair Services

Replacing entire paver areas can be costly and time-consuming, and thankfully, there are various repair methods that can address specific issues and save customers money.

Paver Re-leveling

Having trouble fixing sinking pavers? Our Paver leveling service will help fix sinking pavers by lifting sunken pavers using specialized tools and filling the base material underneath for proper support.

Polymeric Sand

At times, using polymeric sand is the best route for fixing sunken pavers. Filling joints with polymeric sand helps stabilize pavers and prevents them from shifting and creating unevenness.

Fixing Cracks and Chips on Pavers

Sometimes, pavers overtime can get chipped or cracked. When this occurs, the best solution is to replace the broken pavers using one of the below methods.

Paver Crack Repair

Our experts can use specialized caulk or epoxy to fill cracks, preventing further damage and maintaining a seamless appearance.

Paver Grinding & Polishing

Need paver grinding services to fix minor chips or uneven surfaces? We can smooth out your pavers using grinding and polishing techniques.

Paver Drainage Issues

When you are experiencing pools of water collecting on your pavers, it can be either a drainage issue, or a leveling issue. When this occurs, the below methods are the best to use to address paver drainage issues.

Paver Regrading

Are puddles forming on your pavers and causing mold to grow? Adjusting the slope of the base material underneath the pavers can improve drainage and prevent water pooling.


Installing Drainage Channels

Need to add channels to your drains so your pavers stop getting damaged? We can Add channels or drains can redirect water flow and prevent damage from accumulating water.

Our Other Paver Repair Services

When you are experiencing pools of water collecting on your pavers, it can be either a drainage issue, or a leveling issue. When this occurs, the below methods are the best to use to address paver drainage issues.

Paver Joint Cleaning & Restoration

Over time, dirt and weeds can grow in paver joints. Deep cleaning and reapplying joint sand helps maintain a neat look and prevents further issues.

Paver Sealing Repair

Want to protect your investment? Regularly sealing pavers will help protect them from weather damage, stains, and erosion.



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Why Choose Sublime Pavers For Your Paving Needs

Why Choose Us

Sublime Pavers is a client-focused business with years of experience in the construction business. We have remodeled countless backyard oasis’s and continue to do so every week. Our trustworthy track-record and experience sets us apart from other paving companies in Fort Lauderdale.

On-Time Projects

Our goal is to finish projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

10 Years Warranty

Our warranty on our jobs come with 10 years material warranty, and 5 years workmanship coverage!

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Beautiful Designs

We enjoy using pavers to bring your designs to life! Pavers provide a long-lasting design that will be appreciated for years to come.

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Our paving company can provide you with accurate and competitively priced quotes, along with virtual paving catalogs that will help you turn your dream environment into a reality!

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Our process is fast, easy, and reliable! Enjoy browsing our online paver catalog with color and material samples that make it easy for you to choose the best option for your home! 

With Sublime Pavers, you can build your dream home the way you imagined it!


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“We are VERY happy with Sublime Pavers. They finished the job on-time, and helped us throughout the process to find exactly what we wanted. They did an amazing job! Thank you Sublime Pavers!”

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