What Is Travertine? Benefits, Costs, Features, Uses, and More!

Travertine has been used since the time of the ancient Romans as a building material. 

So it’s not surprising to discover that some world-famous structures such as The Colosseum and even The Getty Center in LA were built using this elegant and robust stone. 

But what exactly is it?  In our helpful article, we will find out the definitive answer! Then go on to find out its benefits, how it’s used and more importantly, the cost.

Whether you’ve already got travertine tile installed in your home or you’re thinking of upgrading your pool or yard, let’s get the quick answer first. 

Travertine is a natural heavy building material used for interiors and exteriors, it comes in a range of shades from ivory through to rich walnut. Travertine is available in tiles and pavers. Its good for using around a poolside as it doesn’t fade is not slippery and is extremely durable.

Ok with the brief answer in mind, so you can more easily understand what travertine is, let’s head straight into some of its characteristics and features. 

What is Travertine?

Travertine Driveway With Lush Plants Surrounding The Driveway

Travertine is a dense stone made up mainly of calcite, which is formed by the evaporation of river and spring water. 

It’s a type of limestone which is very light in color and polishes really well. This is why it’s often found decorating the walls of public buildings. 

One of its main features are that each piece of travertine is unique and has no serious contender from factory-made copies.

Is Travertine a Natural Stone?

Travertine is a natural stone, which is mined from

quarries across the globe including China, Iran, and Turkey. Much of the travertine available in the United States comes from Mexico and Peru. 

Given its a natural rock, travertine can be very porous so it will need surface sealing to keep it at its best. 

Ok so let’s discover more about the colors travertine is available in. 

Read on to find out more 

What Color is Travertine?

Travertine naturally comes in a range of beautiful natural shades. 

The colors depend on where they are quarried and those mined in the same area may have a similar hue. This is because of the specific mineral and organic materials used to form the local rock. 

So we always recommend that you purchase from the same supplier if you are looking for travertine consistency in terms of color. 

Travertine isn’t a singular block of color, although some can be more uniform. 

The color on travertine not only comes from

The stones overall shade, but also from the mottling, veins, and bands of color that run through it. 

Travertine isn’t a singular block of color, although some can be more uniform.”

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How is Travertine Tile Made?

Firstly, the travertine has been mined from

The quarry. There are four different methods that might be used to remove the raw travertine. 

  • Channeling machines 
  • Wire saw
  • Water jet cutting 
  • Chain saw

After being mined, it will be sent to the manufacturer who will cut the travertine into slabs using specialized equipment. 

The slabs will then be cut into tiles and sanded down to a similar thickness so they are uniform and easy to lay. 

Finally, when the travertine has been cut into tiles, it will be polished and finished.

So is travertine timeless or might it be something that drops out of style? 

Let’s find out.

Is Travertine out of Style in 2024?

The aged appearance of travertine is one of its main features. The classic and elegant slightly ‘Roman’ look is timeless and can bring a touch of sophistication to your interiors, exteriors, and pool sides.

Another reason travertine is trending is a green eco-friendly element. 

Compared with porcelain or marble which go through various manufacturing processes, travertine is a natural product, which as we’ve discovered, is simply mined, cut, and polished. 

This makes Traverinr a very on-trend material for interiors, exteriors, and poolsides. 

Ok so now we’ve got some background on travertine, let’s drill down into some details such as its durability.  

“Another reason travertine is trending is because of its green eco-friendly element.” 

How Durable is Travertine?

Travertine has enormous durability and is similar to marble in terms of its hardness. It ranks 4 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. As it’s comparable with marble, this means it’s very unlikely to crack. 

However, it’s still worth knowing that any type of natural stone may have weak spots so make sure any travertine maintenance such as cleaning, renovation, or repairs is carried out by paver experts

How Thick is Outdoor Travertine Tile?​

Travertine tiles, which are generally used in interiors, are generally around  1/2″ thick, but travertine pavers are much thicker, which is why they are used more outdoors. 

Pavers are usually between 1-¼ and 2 inches thick. Their edges are square which gives a seamless and clean look to designs. 

How Long Does Travertine Last?

Travertine certainly has longevity as we can see from some of the Roman buildings and aqueducts which have been created from its long-lasting durability. You will need to make sure travertine is sealed regularly, but with proper care and maintenance, travertine can last well over 100 years. 

Is Travertine Good To Use For A Pool Deck?

Travertine Pool Deck With The Color Ivory

Here are 10 of the top reasons why you should choose a Travertine Pool Deck:

  • Ready available 
  • Adaptable 
  • Eco and natural finish at a mid-range cost 
  • Versatile 
  • Non-slip
  • Safe
  • Withstands heat 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Cool to the touch 
  • Unlikely to crack 

Is Travertine Stone Slippery When Wet?

Unpolished travertine is a perfect solution for use in bathrooms, floors, showers, and poolside. This is because as a natural stone it has a naturally robust and non-slip finish.

As travertine is naturally quarried and is porous, it can help to prevent pools of water from forming around your poolside. It will also stop hazardous flooding. 

“Unpolished travertine is a perfect solution for use in bathrooms, floors, showers, and poolside.”

Is Travertine Expensive?

Like every other type of natural stone, travertine will vary in price depending on the finish and overall quality of the stone. 

It’s a mid-range solution for pools and other interior and exterior flooring and design solutions. In comparison, marble is around $20 per square foot, with laminate flooring at the lowest end of the market from around $5. For a grade A travertine pool deck, you can expect to pay a pool contractor anywhere between $12-$16 per square foot, depending on the size and finish of the deck.

Is Travertine Good for Outdoor Use?

Using travertine with its natural look and quality eco finish means it’s perfect for use outdoors.

By using travertine outside, you can simply and easily recreate the look of an indoor floor outside! Which gives a seamless and on-trend look.

Travertine will not freeze and thaw during winters and early spring which will keep your pool area looking better for longer, and also not cause unsightly and dangerous pools of water.

Does Travertine Get Hot in the Sun?

Travertine is an exceptionally good insulator. Unlike some other man-made bricks which can hold heat and be almost unbearable to walk on during hot sun, travertine absorbs the coolness of the ground from the ground below.

So even on the hottest days, using travertine will reflect the heat of the sun and remain cool underfoot. 

Travertine reflects the heat from sun rays while absorbing the cool of the ground underneath it.

“Even on the hottest days, using travertine will reflect the heat of the sun and remain cool underfoot.”

Does Travertine Fade in the Sun?

When we look at some of the Roman buildings that used travertine, we can clearly see that it keeps its looks for years and even decades!

Travertine will retain its beauty after exposure to all kinds of weather conditions and can tolerate all kinds of weather conditions including sunlight and erosion.

Bullnose Travertine Coping V.S. Straight Edge Coping

Pool coping means in its simplest terms, nothing more than the edging around your pool. 

Which design you choose is down to personal preference. If you prefer a softer, more organic look, the bullnose finish may work best for you. However, if you like a more linear or contemporary look, then straight edge coping might be the best for your needs. 

What is Better, Pavers or Travertine?

The main difference between pavers and travertine is that travertine is a natural stone, whereas pavers are manufactured. 

Pavers are constructed from a wide range of materials which can include travertine too. Other materials could be concrete, clay, brick, marble, and flagstone. 

Pavers do not last as long as travertine, and tend to sink easily overtime. Homeowners who are looking for a look that will last decades, travertine is the best and most affordable choice! 

Although pavers are designed well to try and copy the natural look you get with travertine, the man-made finish is not the same.

Both materials  are very durable and slip-resistant, but only travertine will give you that luxury, natural  ‘living’ look.

Full Travertine Color list

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Travertine Pool Deck

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